How to Become an Electrolysis Technician

Electrolysis technician may not be everyone’s first idea for a profession but in reality it can be very rewarding. With this profession you will learn the specialization of permanent hair removal. To do the hair removal you will use sophisticated tools that will use a calculated electrical charge to each hair down to the follicle so that it is permanently removed. This isn’t the newest of beauty enhancements on the market but it has only recently picked up steam and has become more and more popular.

Through your work as an electrolysis technician you will be able to help individuals feel more secure and beautiful in their bodies. Unwanted hair can at its worst feel embarrassing and in the least simply be a nuisance to deal with day in and day out. You will be able to help free these people from the burden of unnecessary hair growth.

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What makes electrolysis different than regular hair removal?

Electrolysis varies from laser treatments because it is 100% safe and will work on all hair types regardless of thickness and color. Additionally, electrolysis can even be performed in your very own home making it very convenient.   Electrolysis is cheaper than laser hair removal and while laser may or may not work for you, electrolysis is the only hair removal actually approved and recognized by the FDA. This means that when people look into hair removal they should only consider electrolysis, but unfortunately this isn’t always the case. Laser hair removal has been hyped for years and tends to be at the forefront of most minds when they think of getting hair removal even though electrolysis is the better option.

As an electrolysis technician it will be necessary for you to get training and a state license in order to practice. Depending on where you live you may also need certification.

How exactly does electrolysis work?

While you’re considering electrolysis work it can be helpful to understand how the actual electrolysis works to remove hair. There are three types of electrical currents that you will work with and this is what each does:

  • Glavanic Electrolysis – This is a direct current that instantly transforms the water and salt in your skin into sodium which destroys the unwanted hair at the follicle.
  • Thermolysis – This interesting electrical wave alternates its currents to carefully heat the water within your skin to destroy your unwanted follicle that way.
  • Blend – The blend is the whopper that will get rid of all hair even if it is stubborn. Blend electrolysis will use a combination of the other two currents, galvanic and thermolysis to get rid of the follicle.

How do I know if an electrolysis technician is the job for me?

If you’re someone that is very thorough and enjoys the details then this job might be perfect for you. In order to perform the electrolysis hair removal you will have to spend time going over the individual inch by inch to ensure that you zap every single follicle in the area they want cleared. You will essentially be removing the hairs one at a time. You will also need to be comfortable with other people’s bodies. The most common places you will need to work on include the arm pit, facial areas, legs, bikini lines, and others. If you are uncomfortable and feel that you cannot find it within yourself to work on them with professionalism then you may need to consider another profession. You will also need to have an interest and knowledge of general hygiene and sterilization procedures so that your clients can remain clean and healthy to avoid any infection both during and after the initial treatments.

You could also find yourself working in a number of different settings including salons, spas, or even medical facilities. There is also the opportunity to open your own business and work for yourself. If you go with this option it will be necessary to possess the skills needed for running a business. Consider additional courses in record-keeping, time management, and marketing to get your business off the ground and bringing in clients.

When considering this career path you will also want to make sure that you can keep a steady hand, have good clear vision, and interpersonal skills. People will often feel nervous and you will often be working on sensitive areas so they may need a friendly pep talk to calm their nerves and help them relax.

If you’re concerned about advancement opportunities you could further your license by looking into cosmetology. With cosmetology you will receive broader training so that you could work in a variety of areas and not just electrolysis. This would make you more versatile and often more desirable by spas and salons. You can also join different associations in your state such as the National Organization for Electrologists which has different options including the American Electrology Association or The Society for Clinical and Medical Hair Removal. Being part of these groups will lend you credibility and will help you gain exposure.

What type of school and/or certification is necessary to become an Electrolysis Tech?

In the majority of states it is necessary to have a license to be a practicing electrolysis technician. Some states will require further certification beyond the general license so you will need to investigate the requirements where you live. A good start would be to constant the board of health for your state and ask them about the specific requirements. In the least you can expect a bare minimum of 200 hours of formal training to learn the necessary skills. At the end of the training hours you will then need to take and pass the exam to get the license. You will also need to pass a written exam that demonstrates your basic abilities. After your training neither of these should be difficult and you should pass with flying colors.

The best news is that you can find courses for your license that you can complete in just 3 months. Just imagine, in just 3 months’ time you could be working in a whole new profession. Alternately, you can take the electrolysis courses as part of your cosmetology program. If you want to primarily focus on electrolysis then you should investigate what is needed to become a certified professional electrologist, also known as a CPE. To do this you will need to find a program that has been accredited by the International Board of Electrologists, or if you can’t find that, you’ll need one that has been accredited by the American Electrology Association Board.

Salary Information:

The yearly income can vary quite a bit depending on where you’re working and if you’re a cosmetologist or solely an electrolysis technician. Some technicians can earn upwards of $51,000 per year, but the average seems to hover close to $30,000 or so. On average you can expect to earn around $13.90 an hour working solely as an electrolysis technician. The more experience you have these wages can inflate some.

Alternately, different states have been shown to pay more. If you’re wanting to make the most you may want to look into working in Delaware, Hawaii, Oregon, or Washington State. The electrolysis technicians in these states make between $40,000 and $46,000 a year. If you do look into moving to a state where you may make more, be careful to do some investigative work so that you move to the correct areas. More urban areas will usually pay the best.

You could also end up working somewhere that pays salary instead of hourly. When you work for these businesses your salary will depend on the actual employer but you will usually have a bit of wiggle room to demand a wage that you feel is fair. Most salaried electrolysis technicians makes around $40,000 per year.

If you don’t want to move but still want to make as much as possible you might want to look into working in the recreation field. In this area you can expect to make around $38,000 per year which isn’t much less than the highest paying states. You could also choose to work in outpatient care facilities or a hospital and expect to earn around $37,000.

As you can see you have a wide range of options. These are only the highest paying. There are a bunch of other opportunities as well depending on where your particular interest lies.

Advancement and Career Opportunities

Like many jobs there is always advancement through experience. The longer you’ve done electrolysis and the amount of training you have had will all affect your ability to advance. If you work in a large salon or other electrolysis facility you could eventually become a supervisor or manager once you have built up enough experience.

Once you have your feet under you and have a good feel for the business you could also choose to open your very own salon. The sky is pretty much the limit and you can advance your career in any way you would like after you’ve put in a little work.

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